"And the se too...?" Asked Safai

Both in the '93 Pictures and the Reflections of Cosmic Forces exhibitions, the exhibition manifests which we extended to visitors included a maxim: "These paintings are not ours, they were created by a cosmic force" it said. As far as possible, isolated from "I", we turned ourselves into a strong and productive paintbrush to make these pictures. "Hallaj," we said. "Mevlâna," we said. "Jesus, Mohammed, Eckhart, Suzuki," we said and we quoted their words. The things which we spelled were not unheard of, neither the transcendences that we had experienced.
Nevertheless visitors rejected the introduction to the real source of our paintings as if they were predetermined to reject it. Through long sentences which began with clauses like: "Founded in your architectural background..." they sought to refute our maxim. However, the architect was He; we were just the foreman.
They attacked us effortlessly and with a pedantry bordering on the pointlessness with judgements like: "The expression of so many years of collected artistic endeavour..." Beside this 'Cosmic Memory' illuminated by its qualities of timelessness and eternity, could words like "personal collection" be used?
If we had responded to the flatteries of those who said, "Is this good-hearted modesty not a little too much?", we would have seated a devil in our heart and, not content with remaining there, he would have used this poor person as a vehicle for the words, "I, I, I..."
Those who saw the paintings in the exhibitions thought what they thought and evaluated them according to their own criteria. For this reason, before making their decisions, and sentencing anything to death, we wanted them to look at our original prints and lend an ear to what we were saying.
The slides from which these prints were produced, when they were taken, when they were cut and framed, when they were stored in cases, were undoubtedly ours. But those which were stored in the cases were not the same as those which came out of them after the flood!
When we returned to the city and to our house, we had to calm down our friends who were sorry about the flood which had enveloped the whole house and especially our slides. When we said, "There is something positive even about this flood," we felt that they thought "He has lost what mind he had!"
For some reason, we didn't open the cases until a later date.
The slides which showed flowers were blossoming in unbelievable ways!
The slides which showed butterflies displayed colours to make the butterflies jealous!
The Lycian ruins were taking on a new life!
The emultions which showed sunsets were whispering the secrets of the universe to our ears! After throwing off the first excitement, we cried to ourselves, "Ah, you confused ones, you stammerers, you the spiritually constipated, you the incautious, are these too, these too, our creations?"
There was nobody to give an answer.
Later we sat down and cried. For we were not ready to deserve this incredible gift yet!
There were still so many ways in front of us to go beyond; there were still so many stains to clean from our heart. Nevertheless that Beauty of Beauties had opened His/Her doors to this poor person...
Drying our eyes we smiled with our heart at that 'Exalted Spirit', that Master of Masters who had taught us well to paint.
Eckhart whispered his timeless and eternal teaching into our ears: "To the extent that you eliminate self from your activities, God comes into them..."
Although it is beyond our capacity, we have found an addendum to Eckhart's words: ": "To the extent that you eliminate self from your activities, God comes into them and corrects what you have done in the past".
Again and again we asked ourselves, "And these, too....?" The answer came from Richard Bach: "Nothing is a coincidence".