They Are Those Against Orgone



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  “His brothers envieth him, that their father loved him more…” say the old holy books; “… they envieth and threw him down a dry well in the desert.” The brothers leave Joseph in the deep pitch black well. Then passers by in a caravan find the Prophet and take him out to sell him to the spouse of Pharaoh for a few coins. Pharaoh’s wife is enchanted by Joseph. Other women in the palace, one by one, fall in love with Joseph as soon as they see him. Were so many women enamoured of Joseph because his father loved him so much? Or was it the orgone in Joseph’s spirit that had turned into light, his spirit that had become illuminated after meditation that made some jealous and some fall in love?

   The enmity of the brothers most probably was not to Joseph, but to the dense orgone.


  “When the Prophet Jesus toucheth the paralyzed, they move, the dead regain life; the blind begin to see and deaf to hear…” say Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Jesus Christ did not have any clashes with the hegemony of his time. Moreover Jesus did not know his power – the virtual power - embedded in himself – nor why so many people were coming after him. The people coming after him were the many paralyzed who gained power by standing near him, the many blind who lacked power and the truly crippled. Many of them behaved ungratefully, instead of synthesising the power offered by the Prophet they lost what was given just like a pot with a hole in its base. It is as if Jesus was obliged to inject his so-called admirers with the orgonomic power and they easily consumed it, each and every moment! When they were near Jesus they felt how paralyzed and blind, how deaf and dead they were; and thus hated Jesus.

   They are enemies of life, so what they want is for the Prophet to be annihilated. They not only give him to the hegemony easily, they all get lost when he is twisted in torture.


   And Husayn ibn Mansur? Why should the crowd be at odds with someone who is unworldly enough to meditate on Kaaba for days sitting motionless on a stone? Why should the words of someone who says, “There is no ego with me; it should be you, oh God, whatever is inside this body,” disturb those, who mention the name of God a thousand times a day but still are far from peace and soundness? Mansur, sage of the sages, gives out some definite points that hint of the extraordinary powers he is equipped with: When they tear off his hands from his wrists, Mansur begins to rub the blood leaking out on his arms. “What are you doing?” ask the stupid watchers, those blind people who have only watched for thousands of years! “The ablution of the worship with love is done with blood,” is Mansur’s reply.

   The enmity of the stupid is against each soul who concentrate her/his spirit so much that ablution is made through her/his own blood.


   Is it just for the judges, whose assertions are made on ridiculous legal grounds, to decide to kill Socrates? What are the concrete indictments of the judges, whose energy is clogged: Saying the God is not many but one and – whatever it means - washing the brains of the youth! We find the real assertions between the lines of Plato. Look at what Aristedies says to Socrates: “Never can I learn good things from you; you know this as well; but would I improve when I was in the same house with you. I would improve even more if we were in the same room, and more than that if I looked into your face. The moments that I improved most were those that I could sit near you and touch you, draw nearer to you. All those beautiful abilities of mine are all but gone now.”

   How clear it is what the judges in fact are against?




   Would Rumi stay in a cell for months without getting out if he had not experienced similar things with Shams Tabrizi? It was Shams, where he reached when and how was never known. He was the journeyer of the journey out of time and space: Aleppo in the morning, Mecca at noon. How disturbed would the so arid spirits of those be if they had not killed Shams!

   They were enemies of life! The Tabrizian died, to prevent the sleeplessness of these bloodthirsty vultures for witnessing someone more competent than themselves.


   Have you ever heard the name of Giordano Bruno? The judges of the Inquisition, in the name of Holy Jesus (!), burnt that sage at the stake after nine years of trials. Do you want to know what the crime that led him to death by fire was? It was having said that “Each and every particle in the universe carries every quality of both the universe and ‘the life’.” It was having said that:  “There is a universal spirit given life by God even in the atmosphere, the spirit which is God himself.”! Wouldn’t the priests, who shut God in churches and permitted God to be sought only in churches, be angry at such thoughts? And would Bruno be able to stand behind his thoughts until he was burnt to death, if he had not witnessed the universal spirit that he mentioned? Competence was required for that witnessing; concentration of spiritual energy and its gaining orgone… If the judge-priests had not envied the orgone stemming within Bruno, would they have thrown him into the fire with his hands tied?

   They were enemies of life; so Bruno had to be turned into ashes!


   They flayed another sage who was almost a contemporary of Bruno, for having said “I am God!”, just like Mansur, however, he meant to say “Not me, but it is only You Who exist.” He couldn’t abstain from saying what he had lived: “I couldn’t fit into the universe, even if two universes fit into me. / I am that eternal essence, who couldn’t fit into the extension of existence.” While others looked for God in verses, Nesimi searched for and found Him in letters. Spiritless and powerless mullahs of the time could not overlook such competence, nor the existence of someone so full of life and energy. It is said that Nesimi left the city where he was killed, passing through its four doors simultaneously, taking his skin under his arm. The enemies of orgone would be left within the borders of the city and its plagued spirits for thousands and ten thousands of years.


   Those, who are enemies of orgone, can only be represented as dark in an exhibition, as snake-like in a painting. But Joseph would be remembered with love, Jesus with the energy he offered; Mansur is still recalled with his giving life but making no compensations… Shams shows the way to those who look for the higher truth… Dauntlessness is Bruno and boundless is Nesimi.

   Those who have ears hear and those who have eyes to see see!