Glorifications on Transcendence

  The primary objective of our word, our brush is not to identify the labyrinth of the helplessness that today's human beings are inside. We will neither touch on her/his crooked identity uttering "I am as much as I own and consume."(1), and seeing whatever s/he owns being reduced to ashes in the end, not questioning her/his way of life in spite of realizing her/his getting worn out in proportion to what s/he consumes, nor her/his looking for himself among the gildings of imaginary world, on fragile mirrors. We neither want to call the 'stupefying' policies of written and visual press which turned into 'mass pollution agents' to your attention, nor make mention of those agents' approaching their goals at full speed with 'our' approvals.

Our word is not either for those who do not take notice of their rolling down a tar-like darkness at the speed of light inwards blind and bottomless wells! For those who have well recognized their barbed wires, chains, collars and being born dead, thus looking for a means ; we wish to 'give up our remedy to be plundered'(2). Moreover, we are not going to claim that we have brand new truths, suggestions to be putted forward as if senior experts. Through this exhibition we only want to draw your attention to the most archaic solution of the earth. We are carrying tiny signs from that world that is tried to be defined by the words such as 'man of maturity', 'transcendent man' or 'bodisathva'. How fortunate we are if we manage to make you taste a little bit from the 'nectar' founded in a universe named as 'transcendence', 'satori' 'perfection' by the savants.

What is the key of that virtual universe described
as transcendence?

Is it being able to say "Everyone got to the door of the God. Some of them found for, some asked for something. The supreme-hearted, however, did not even take what was offered. When this poor man refrained from accepting the offered, too, they said "We give you everything but the God.", then I told "The supreme of the supremes, renounce this give and take." (3)?

Is transcendence the ability to shed light on, to bring a solution to the secrets of cosmos with the words "God can seek for God, God can find God, God can know God."(4) ?

Is transcendece not contenting with turning the fear of being left alone which causes the ordinary man to go mad into being alone but attaining the ripeness, the maturity to spell "This solitariness, this loneliness is more of value than a thousand worlds; / This freedom is superior than being sovereign over the earth. / A moment of friendship with yourself in the universe of solitude, / More precious than world's anima, more supreme than this and that."(5) ?

Is it possible not to catch the vibrations of transcendence among the lines of "See the God at whatever you look. / Wherever you turn watch for that reflection. / Tear up the curtain of duality, pull out the obstacle, / Grasp the unity and attain the divine secret."(6) ? Let's repeat further the words of a similar transcendent if you wish: "I am
that lover and that being loved; / Two souls we are present in one body. / What you see as 'He' is my reflection; / Look at me, see him; all are we the same thing."(7)

Should we lend an ear to the suggestion "There are strata of layers that cover a man's heart. Man knows lots of things but himself! Why is there thirty, forty layers of skin or armour, like an ox' or bear's that covers the soul? Entering 'your grass of inner being' learn to know yourself first of all!"(8), initially, or should we prefer the assertion "In order to save the life; knock it down completely / May the blessing be with you for the first time then."(9) as the starting point?

Should a savant who is able to say "I have sold the world for a farthing. Still I'm supposed to have given more than its price."(10) be our pioneer, or, another one calling "That who has reached 'the
truth' / has dragget cloak on his back but essence in his heart."(11)

It is neither possible to fit the perfection, the vastness, the peace of our godly dimension that is as

near to us as 'we' but hence which we are far from being able to reach or see as a result of the barbed wires that we have stretched and layers of curtains that we have weaved with our own hands into painting cloths, nor into words. So it may be better to put an end to what we have been saying and 'ascend to the skies to view the universe'(12):

"Not knowing how close the truth is to them / Beings seek for it afar - what a pity! / It's like those who being in water / Cry out for water,
feeling thirsty. / It's like the rich man's son / Who has lost his way among the poor."(13)

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